All set!

We’ll be sending you an address poly to install in your new stamp in 5-10 days.  It will have an adhesive backing for secure installation.

We’ve found there are two easy ways of installing a stamp poly address.  Both start with locking the stamp.

Step 1: Lock the stamp.  
Locate the lock buttons on the sides of the stamp.  With the stamp pressed down, release while pressing one of these lock buttons.  Be patient, it may take a few tries but it will lock open.  Click here for a diagram of the lock button.

Step 2: Insert the poly (address).
Option A: With the stamp locked open set it on a scrap, blank piece of paper. Then trace around the dimensions of the stamp area.  Click here to see an example.  Remove the adhesive from the poly and carefully position in the center of the box you just drew.  Click here to see an example. Carefully place the stamp over the box, keeping as centered as possible. Press down gently to unlock the stamp and firmly seat the address to the stamp.

Option B: If you have a steady hand you may try to just set the locked stamp upside down on a table, peel the backing on the address, and placing by hand.  If you need to reposition it you have a few tries before the adhesive stops working.

Step 3: Ink the stamp.
Press on the stamp to mark a scrap sheet of paper a few times to get the poly inked.

If you have any problems at all, or need a replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Now what?

If you like your new stamp you can always buy more here.